Recommended Tools for Graphic Designers

Recommended Tools for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job.

We’ve all spent countless hours doing things that seem difficult or tedious, only to find out later that there’s a better way. And it often looks like a simple tool, software, or online service.

So, we rounded up some recommendations from other designers about what tools top their essentials lists…


Illustration Tools

Illustration Tools

“My favorite tools of choice as a graphic designer ‍would be H1 drawing pencils, French curves, graph paper, scanner and Illustrator. This gives me the freedom to design really cool stuff.” — Harris Brown | HFB Advertising Design Agency


Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign

“Adobe Indesign—simple and powerful piece of software for typesetting, print production, and desktop publishing. Handles text and images well, and makes for a fast workflow. Its my absolute go-to for putting together presentations, posters, books, and pretty much anything print. Indesign also works well for digital documents and interactive pdfs.” — Andrew Kunk | Graphic and Industrial Designer


Apple Keynote

Apple Keynote

“It may sound strange, but my most favourite tool is Apple Keynote! I spend a lot of time in it, to prepare and deliver my presentations. It has just the right amount of design and animation features I need to create lovely and appealing introductions, summaries, backdrops, and explanatory graphics (a kind of mini-infographics). Its editing features like alpha-channels, color balance, and setting animations are very sophisticated, and the rendering quality of transitions and animations is absolutely pristine.” — Peter Villevoye | Studea


Daler Layout Paper

Pen & Paper

“Pen and paper, I particularly like the Mitsubishi Uni-Ball, in black, and Daler layout paper.” — Ron Bird | Designer


Wacom Tablet

Wacom Pen & Tablet

“I love my Wacom Tablet. It’s not a tool I use everyday, but it has definitely saved me countless hours when editing images in Photoshop. The pen tool for the tablet, is so much more fluid and accurate than using a mouse.” — Timothy Youngs | Freelance Designer


Adobe CC

Adobe CC Suite

“Adobe CC – particularly Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.” — Sara G. | Senior Designer


Procreate on iOS

“As a hand lettering artist traditional pen and paper have served me well but, having the Procreate app on my iPad Pro has done so much in enhancing my workflow. On Procreate I am able to sketch out concepts, make any adjustments, and export files to my MacBook Pro to finish up in Adobe Photshop or Illustrator. Also, with Procreate’s ability to allow me to create brushes in the app itself, I can explore my own creativity by experimenting with different brush settings to create unique pieces of hand lettering artwork.” — Lando Quillopo | Hand Lettering Artist & Logo Designer

Several of these answers were taken from Quora.


Want More? Here are two lists of tools and resources from Jacob Cass of Just Creative:


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