Downsize Your Files With These Free Tools

Downsize Your Files With These Free Tools

Do you have files that are way too big?

Large file sizes can be a frustrating, especially when trying to email a PDF or image to a friend or colleague. And if your internet speeds are slow, uploading a large video file online can take forever. Wouldn’t it be nice to slice those file sizes in half? You actually can, and it’s very easy.

Even if you’re a pro with file design and editing software, file size crushing can be difficult. Here are three tools that I use to quickly compress stubborn PDF, PNG and JPEG files, as well as a wide variety of video formats.

The best part is they are all free (with paid upgrades available)!


This is my go-to site for JPEG and PNG file compression. Many of the images on the DSGN blog has been compressed by TinyPNG. Even when I can get the files sizes down through Photoshop, I find that I can still shave a few extra kilobytes off with TinyPNG!

JPEG File Comparison

TinyPNG Compression Screenshot


This is a great resource for crunching large PDFs. If you are exporting PDF files from Photoshop or Illustrator, you’ll notice they can be really big. SmallPDF offers a quick fix to the problem. You’ll see I uploaded a 2MB PDF file that they compressed to less than half its original size. Give it a try—it only takes a few seconds!

PDF File Comparison

SmallPDF Compression Screenshot


Have a larger video file? ClipChamp can help. Their free online platform can compress a wide variety of video file types in just minutes. This can be especially helpful if you are using your videos on your website or uploading them to a YouTube channel.

Video File Comparison


Have any addiotnal tips or resources for file compression?


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