5 Examples of Great Homepages

5 Examples of Great Homepages

Your homepage is the first place your visitors see, and the first opportunity you have to make an impression on them—it’s the “virtual front door” of your website.

In order to keep people on your site and encourage potential leads, you need to quickly relate who you are, what you do, and how you can help them.  So, what makes a great homepage that visitors will want to stay on? Most successful home pages include eight essential elements.

1. Information

Your visitors should know exactly who you are and what you do, just from spending a few seconds on your homepage.

2. Value Proposition

This proposition needs to clearly and concisely explain what solutions or benefits you offer your clients, what distinguishes you from your competition, and why your clients should choose your services.

3. Call to Action

Your homepage design should include at least one CTA that guides visitors to the next step of your process and encourages them to take a specific action.

4. Navigation

Use navigation bars, hamburger menus, or search bars to make sure people can quickly and intuitively find the information they are looking for.

5. Easy to Load and Mobilized

Be sure to have a mobile-ready site, and use small file sizes to ensure a quick loading speed and increase user experience and satisfaction with your site

6. Great Looks and Layout

This one’s pretty obvious— of course you want a great looking site! But on a deeper level, you also need to know your target audience and make sure your homepage is aesthetically designed to specifically appeal to them.

7. Not Static

Change your images, copy, or even layout up a bit! You can add a lot of variety and intrigue to your site simply by occasionally switching up your homepage.

8.  Compelling Copy

Copy is vital to your homepage. Not only does it provide reading material and in depth information for visitors who may want it, but it will also help your site rank higher for SEO.

Take a look at some of these well-designed and successful home pages to see how all of these elements work together for a first-rate homepage experience!


Freshbooks’ homepage features a strong value proposition and call to action. They’ve also used imagery to support their brand, and included social proof (“Join 5 million people using Freshbooks”) to prompt viewers to sign up for their service.

Freshbooks Homepage


Apple’s site relies heavily on design and imagery. It’s photo heavy and super aesthetic, but still retains quick loadings speeds. Their site is also constantly changing to show off the latest versions or new technology.

Apple Homepage


Dropbox homepage features a compelling value proposition, plenty of informative copy, and two clear cta’s. All supported by their unique simplistic illustrations!

Dropbox Homepage


ASPCA’s homepage features multiple bold cta’s (Donate Now), powerfully emotional photography and a solid value proposition. Their site also has easy-to-find navigation for visitors.

ASPCA Homepage


Starbucks doesn’t need much more than appealing photography to get their point across — just looking at a picture of a chile mocha is enough to make anyone want to try one. But if you’re not yet convinced to give it a try, they offer a lot of compelling copy, clear navigation, and a cta to ‘try it’ yourself.

Starbucks Homepage


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