5 Elements of an Effective Call-To-Action

5 Elements of an Effective Call-To-Action

Have you ever signed up for anything online? Maybe you’ve joined Evernote, subscribed to Netflix, donated money to the Humane Society, or simply joined a mailing list for a favorite blog.

Sign-ups like this are often the result of strategically designed calls-to-action.

Think about it – if you hadn’t been intrigued and encouraged by the copy or design of the call-to-action (CTA), would you have signed up for that specific app or mailing list?

Effectively designed CTAs allow you to smoothly guide your visitors through your website. They encourage specific actions and clearly and simply show your visitors what to do or where to go next.

Here’s a short list of some of the most important elements of an effective CTA, as well as several examples of some very successful ones in action.

1. Relevance

The offer should be relevant to either the subject of the page or the services being offered. In other words- you want the CTA to match what your visitors are already interested in.

2. Value

The CTA needs to provide some value your visitors, it needs to give them a reason to want to sign up and use your product or service. Maybe a giveaway, a discount, or a free consultation. Offer them something of value that isn’t otherwise easy to come by.

3. Urgency

Convince your visitors that this offer needs to be acted on now, not tomorrow. Provide time frames and compelling copy to make visitors feel that they can’t afford to miss out on the deal.

4. Simple + Focused

Don’t offer multiple offers or incentives. Make one clear offer and provide it in a way that’s engaging and easy to understand.

5. End Goal (Objective)

What specific action do you want your visitors to take? Sign up for your mailing list, download a free email, subscribe for a service? Guide your visitors to the next step of the process is by providing them with a specific action to take.

Here are seven good examples of effective call-to-actions in use!

1. Blogging.org  Pop-Up Window

Blogging.org Pop Up Window

This CTA effectively conveys a sense of urgency through a countdown clicker, and clearly offers three points of value. The copy is also friendly and inviting.


2. Writtent Pop-Up Window

Writtent Pop Up Window

This CTA focuses in on the value and urgency.  It also is extremely relevant to the original content, an article relating to developing effective CTAs.


3. Zulily Pop-Up Window


Zulily’s pop-up CTA is centered around value —they offer incredible deals with a free to sign up, and the often irresistible invitation to start shopping.


4. Dropbox for Business Landing Page


This one is great because Dropbox is clearly targeting people who already use their personal services. They know exactly who their target audience is. If you’re not already persuaded by the inviting copy, there’s also a value offer of a free trial month.


5. Timothy Sykes Homepage

TimothySykes Landing Page

Timothy Sykes uses his own success to propel his value offer. He invites his viewers to share in his success simply by applying to work with him.


6. Netflix Landing Page

Netflix Landing Page

Simple, clean, straight to the point. Netflix’s CTA offers three value points very concisely— including an exit strategy in case you’re not satisfied with the service.


7. Codecademy Landing Page

Codecademy Landing Page-1

Codecademy’s use of simple design layout, graphic elements and copy makes this program easy to understand and sign up for!


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